Here are the dates for the LEC meetings for 2017. Meetings will be held at the Membership center at 5pm. (2255 St. Laurent Blvd. Suite 310)

As per the minutes of the October 2013 LEC meeting, we will meet the second Monday of the month unless there’s a Statutory Holiday or GMM.

Monday January 16th third Monday

Monday February 13th (LEC + holiday dinner 2015)

Monday March 20st third Monday (March Break 14 -18)

Monday April 10th

Monday May 8th

Monday June 12th

Monday July 10th (unconfirmed)

Monday August 14th (unconfirmed)

Monday September 11th

Tuesday October 10th – Monday is Thanksgiving

Tuesday November 14th – Monday is Remembrance Day STAT (LEC + holiday dinner.)

Monday December 11th